We appreciate the opportunity to introduce Korean-American Grocers Association of New York. KAGRO New York was founded to serve the interest of Korean-American grocery, deli and supermarket owners in the five boroughs of New York and its metropolitan area.

The main purpose of KAGRO New York is to assist Korean-American retailers in adapting to American culture, life style and business. In this respect, the association functions in a vital role as an information exchange and clearing house on matters concerning business, legislation and regulatory issues essential to the successful operation of a retail enterprise. Additionally, the Association functions as a catalyst to further the mutually beneficial relationship between Korean-American retailers and their vendors / suppliers.

Since its inception, the Association has been active in providing tangible service to not only its members, but also to non-member Korean-American grocers, and the community as a whole.
In successfully doing so, the association has realized significant growth from its original 20 charter members to its current base of approximately 4,000. This membership base represents an impressive position within this dynamic industry in New York Metropolitan Area.

We are certain that the Korean-American Grocers Association of New York will successfully continue in this role. The Association serves to work towards the betterment of the Korean-American community as well as other communities in which Association members conduct their businesses.